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Important Updates for outdoor classes


  • Outdoor classes will be held in temperatures of 50 degrees or higher

  • Outdoor classes (spring/summer) will be rescheduled in the event of extreme weather. We will keep you updated via social media & email!

  • Families may bring their own blanket and props:

  • egg shakers, drums (or any percussion instrument), scarves (or any piece of fabric), and stuffed animals are what we use most frequently

  •  Egg shakers, drums, and scarves are provided and carefully cleaned between each class,

Outdoor Classes 2023:

Hooray for Music & Rhythmic Play classes in Gorgas Park!! We have our own props, or you may bring your favorite music making props with you to sing & dance together in this fun 40 minute class if you prefer. Suggested items for playing and dancing: 

  • Favorite instruments (think shaker eggs, drums, xylophones, etc!) (we will have some sanitized instruments on hand if preferred!)  

  • Scarf or other colorful piece of fabric to dance with

  • Favorite stuffed animal or toy

  • Your bright, shiny selves

Roxborough Location Details:


Fall Session


September 20th through November 8th, at 9:30 and 10:30 am. 

If Wednesdays do not work for you, please email us at to let us know. If there is enough interest, we may be able to add another class. 

All classes will be outdoors at Gorgas Park.


Registration is easy! Simply make a Venmo

payment to @JumpJiveandJam Alison

  - For the full session, please send $130 for the first sibling, $100 for additional siblings.

  - $20 per class for drop ins

**Please put the following details in the Venmo subject**:

1. Rox Fall Session 2023 (or the date(s) you're attending)

2. Wednesdays, 9:30 or 10:30 am 

3. Your child's name & age 

4.Your name

5. Your email address

* We will prorate classes after the 2nd class.

Please note: This info is necessary, without it we may not be able to hold your spot. If you feel uncomfortable putting info in Venmo subject you may email it. 



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