Benefits of Early Childhood Music


Why Music Class? Why Jump, Jive, and Jam!?


When Vicki and Alison began developing Jump, Jive, and Jam! they set out to offer the very best music classes in the area, for the most reasonable prices around.  As lifelong musicians and teachers, their goal is to share their extensive knowledge of early childhood music in the most fun and educational context possible.  Between the two of them, Alison and Vicki have taught for almost every music program in the Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey area (including The Music Class, Nest Music, We Kids Rock, Makin' Music, Music Together, The Music Experience, Children's Music Express, etc etc). They have loved teaching for those programs (and in some cases still do!).  When they began developing their own program, they wanted to create a class that could take the best aspects of all of the different music classes in the area and combine them into one super class. That's how Jump, Jive, and Jam! began.  JJ&J's mission is to offer the very best in young children's music classes! 



Jump, Jive and Jam! classes are very focused on music and aptitude...but are they fun?



FUN is a big part of our classes and is just as important!  These classes are methodically planned out using a building block method of teaching. That translates to: the more you come to class, the more you learn, and the more fun you have! Your child will start to learn the songs from the CD, will start to gain a sense of the flow, will learn to play and share with others, and the list of benefits goes on and on!




Overall, Alison and Vicki's personal experiences guide them to truly believe in the amazing powers of learning music. They know first hand that learning music from a young age can not only dramatically help to develop musical aptitude, but it can develop learning skills in many other ways as well, including interpersonal communication, linguistic aptitude and mathematic ability.




**If you would like suggestions for resources on the subject of children's music classes and learning research  please don't hesitate to ask us!


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